Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Eye

A writing project I have.
This is an original steampunk fan fiction that I am writing for my own amusement.

Summary:In a world where the future happened in the past, a young man with an individual gift, will be provided with the choice to save his family, his friends and himself.
(Lame... I know)

Enjoy the Prolouge!


The streets of --- , the heart of the --- district, were unfeeling, dark and filthy. The sky was always grey, the buildings were all black and the people, grim. Grown men begged and peddled on the streets while others were prone to snatching stray potatoes and bruised fruits that bounced out of merchant carts. The women wore nothing but corsets and skirts rusched to the knickers, drifting in and out of shadows waiting to seduce traveling visitors in hopes of full pockets and want of easy company.

The children, sadly, were no better off. There were the younger ones who were unaware of the poverty that surrounded them, still hanging on to whatever innocence they had left. Playing games that involved an imaginative world that only they knew. Others, some older, some younger, who were left to pick pocketing, conning and deceit.

Then there were the children that didn’t move at all.

Some moaned, some picked at the gravel for anything to suck on and provide nourishment, and all were forgotten. The abandoned of society. The ones that took shelter in the cities alleyways. Bracing there backs against the brick, sooted, walls of buildings, wrapping as many rags around their tiny bodies as possible, shivering against the cold that never left. Some comforted, others remained silent, all cried, their tears creating running channels through the thick grime of sunken cheek.

A lone carriage with two horses, one coachman and a lone passenger interrupted the pattern of languid lifestyles of the natives. Big, greedy eyes watched the strangers pass, hungry for the prosperity it represented. A caravan started to follow. Stalking, wanting. After several hundred meters the coachman reared the horses and halted the vehicle in front of one of the most remote alleys of all, forcing the people to collide with one another in surprise. The coachman stepped down from his post, fixed his cloak and top hat, then opened to door for his employer.

Gasps were echoed throughout the crowd.

It was a nobleman from the Great City!

An older, middle aged man with striking white hair that was neatly groomed to his shoulders, a goatee sprinkled with jet black accents. He was clothed in a golden waistcoat, high tan trousers, polished knee high, brown leather boots, and a purple velvet cloak, with long tails that trailed behind. Atop his head was a satin lined top hat that sported the spectacles of a scientist or inventor. In one gloved hand the nobleman held a black walking stick which completed his image of pure refinement.

The people recoiled, some even shaded their eyes and hid their faces, for none had ever seen such royalty. The nobleman acknowledged his driver with a touch of his walking stick to his cap and then proceeded into the dark unknown savage darkness.

This small sliver of road was not a popular site for squatters and that is why the boy chose it. He grew tired of the hearing nothing but the noise of misery, he chose this exact spot for its peace and silence. The boy had no shoes and sported only a tattered undershirt and pants. Yet, something, or someone had invaded his privacy. The boy stood absolutely still and listened, for he had excellent hearing, and tried to build a profile of his intruder. The boy knew this person wore boots, and he also was aware of the vibrations underneath his blackened fingers that were created by the tapping of a walking stick on the uneven cobble.

The vibrations ended right to the left of the boy, and the boy sensed the rustling of the man squatting beside him. The boy lifted his head and piqued his ears in the unknown persons directions, ready for flight at any moment. A gripping silence held the couple until the nobleman finally spoke, “Hello little one.”

The boy gave no answer.

“Why will you not look at me little one?”

The boys eyes sharpened but did not, and were not focused on anything in particular. The boy did not look at the man, because he could not. The boy was blind.

When the nobleman realized, his grey eyes saddened at the sight of the boys glazed over blue ones. Then the nobleman fully took in the boys ragged state, and only god as a witness, the nobleman shed a tear.

“Would you like to come away with me little one? Would you like to leave?” The boy still did not move. “I have come to take you away from all this, if you are willing” The boy raised his head and opened his mouth, hesitated, then closed it again. The boy had had no use for his voice in a long time, he felt he had forgotten how to use it. The nobleman noticed this and added to his offer, “You do not have to speak little one, if you cannot. A simple nod of the head will be enough, if the answer is yes.”

The boy waited, waited for all of this to be a dream. To be sure that this promise of rescue was not just an illusion of constant unfulfilled and unanswered wishes. When the boy convinced himself that he was still in reality, he bobbed his head, just enough for the nobleman to tell of his answer.

The white haired nobleman tucked away his walking stick and scooped up the emaciated child. All the natives could do was stare and be envious, envious for the fact that freedom did not choose them. The travel back to the carriage was short for the boy was light. When master and boy were situated and comfortable within the vehicle, the coachman returned to his post and whipped the horses into a steady trot.

Inside the boy clung to the man, and man, to boy. The mysterious nobleman stroked the boys matted golden hair until the boy relaxed, and settled into his arms. Soon, the child was asleep, and man was relieved. ‘Finally,’ the man thought to himself, clutching the boy tighter to his chest, ‘finally I have found you’.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

North Korea

The situation in North Korea breaks my heart.

The thing I hate most is when a mind isn't allowed to expand and express.
I know how it feels to be suppressed and to have no rights to have an opinion about certain things so maybe thats why I'm connecting to these stories so much.

If I had the chance, I would help them.
Hopefully, somewhere in the future plan for my life I will get that oppurtunity.

I'll be ready, I'm learning Korean for them.

North Korea... you will be free...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life Trials

What is drama?

Now we all as human kind have trials, but why are we put through such harsh circumstances? What is the result? Do we become better people because of it? Or on the contrary, we become the opposition the world desires?

Is it merely karma? A belief in which if you yourself bring on sadness to others, will have sadness brought upon you in thay same amount or more?

Or does the world follow the more delicate balance of the yin-yang system? Without light there is no darkness, and without sadness there is no way to attain lightness of life.

Maybe it's God. Depending on the sort of figure you believe in, is he taunting us? Bellowing on his throne of heaven because we are merely survive the blunders he lays upon us? Or is he kind and merciful; with a giving heart? The one who tests us for our worthiness and promises eternal life for those who suffer and yet still believe.

Isn't it interesting how each culture finds different way towards dealing with this in-controllable aspect. Are any of them right? Are any of them wrong? As a society we must fight against those who are different than us, and at what price? We are all just human beings, surviving, hoping, dealing with things we cannot understand in the only ways we know how.

I wish I had all the answers. I wish I had the assurance to know that'll everything will turn out right in the end. That no matter how much suffering there is, there will always be redemption. I think thats up for every individual to decide. What do you believe? If you do not stand for something, you cannot stand for anything. (Quote by some man I do not remember at this moment)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Lion King

Holy eeffing FUCK Batman!

If you have not seen it, then you should!!
I can't even own up to it in word's just see for yourself...
(If I ever get to see it again, I'm sitting in Orchestra *shakes angry fist at balcony*)

I would show more.. but that'll take away from the experience..
Go and see it live.. it's incredible.
(And lol to Rosie... I loved her when she had her show...)

Human Kind continues to astonish me...

Ok.. so I'm reaaaaaaaaaaally pissed off at the Boys Before Flowers community.

If the subtitles aren't working.. whoopie dee friggen doo... nobody cares, how about if they never sub anything again because of your fucking whining... and then you get to pay for the DVDS when they come out.. how would you like that?

And to all those people who complain that the plot is too predictable, well DUH!! After a manga, an anime, two live action adaptations in TWO fucking different countries!!! Of course its not something original. That is how the story fucking goes!!! We wouldn't be watching it if we didn't like the fucking story in the first place!

I'd just like to see them do something totally out of the story and see all these same people bitch about how they shouldn't have changed the story and how their not staying true to the material. But hey, "Twilight" followed the book, and look how crappy that was.

There's just no pleasing you people is there? I'm just sad how one of my favorite story lines has to be affiliated with these types of trivial, thick- headed, meaningless nobodies. And I only have leave to say this, because they were rude in the first place.

Go watch Sailor Moon for Christ sake, oh but wait; that doesn't follow the storyline either. Guess you just get to be miserable for as long as you choose to be.

I pity you all.

Monday, January 26, 2009


What better than to start off this whole shinanigans then to start with the drama that started me off.

On a pleasantly cool Halloween night I happen to be reading a MARS manga at a friends house after a long labor of trick or treating. She asked what it was about, and as I explained its awesomeness as enthusiatically as a mormon missionary on his first discussion (btw.. not mormon) she said the magical words;

"Wasn't there some TV show like that? But in like some foreign language on cable?"

I stared at her incredulously not wanting to believe it but feeling my chest swell up in excitement.

So all my efforts (and sleep) were donated for the next several days in ordered to find this spectacularly "unreal" rumored show. It was found, I was hooked, and now.. here we go...

MARS (Zhan Shen)

All information provided by wiki.d-addicts

Han Qi Luo,an extremely shy art student went to the same college as Chen Ling,a popular play boy. By chance one day they met at a park when CL asked HQL for direction to a hospital to visit his friend who was injured in a bike racing incident. Hurriedly HQL drew him a map, unknowing that she was drawing on the back of one of her sketches. She ran off before he could thank her. He then noticed the sketch of a mother holding a baby and was touched. In school HQL was sexually harrassed by a teacher and CL came to her rescue. They began to grow fond of each other but each of them had a secret past that needed to be addressed and overcome before they could accept and love one another freely.


Vic Zhou as Chen Ling & Sheng
Barbie Xu as Han Qi Luo
Xiu Jie Kai as Da Ye
Megan Lai as Qing Mei
An Jun Can as Tong Dao
Xiao Xiao as Sha Zhi
Duo Ru Ru as Xiang Zi
Chang Kuo Chu as Chong Zhi
Leon Dai as Ming Gao
Tang Zhi Wei as Qi Luo's stepfather
Lin Li Yang as Ming Gao's friend
Ding Ning as Chong Zhi's secretary
Kingone Wang (cameo) as Ling & Sheng's biological father
Renzo Liu as Professor Shi
Guo Shi Lun
Huang Tai An as Ah Jian
Li Li Ren as younger Chong Zhi

Originally based off the manga of the same name by Fuyumi Soryo


This drama is probably one of the most touching dramas out there. Such an odd couple that haelps each other through each of their own breaking points is something we all want. Acting was great all around and who wouldn't want Zai Zai as an all around biking bad boy. :D

I recommend this drama to any and all.