Thursday, January 29, 2009

Human Kind continues to astonish me...

Ok.. so I'm reaaaaaaaaaaally pissed off at the Boys Before Flowers community.

If the subtitles aren't working.. whoopie dee friggen doo... nobody cares, how about if they never sub anything again because of your fucking whining... and then you get to pay for the DVDS when they come out.. how would you like that?

And to all those people who complain that the plot is too predictable, well DUH!! After a manga, an anime, two live action adaptations in TWO fucking different countries!!! Of course its not something original. That is how the story fucking goes!!! We wouldn't be watching it if we didn't like the fucking story in the first place!

I'd just like to see them do something totally out of the story and see all these same people bitch about how they shouldn't have changed the story and how their not staying true to the material. But hey, "Twilight" followed the book, and look how crappy that was.

There's just no pleasing you people is there? I'm just sad how one of my favorite story lines has to be affiliated with these types of trivial, thick- headed, meaningless nobodies. And I only have leave to say this, because they were rude in the first place.

Go watch Sailor Moon for Christ sake, oh but wait; that doesn't follow the storyline either. Guess you just get to be miserable for as long as you choose to be.

I pity you all.

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